PUMA and A$AP Rocky have recently launched a collection that’s a true blend of motorsports energy and streetwear flair. The collaboration brings together the Archival Inhale sneakers, a throwback to the 2000s, and a range of apparel and accessories that speak to both the racetrack enthusiast and the fashion-forward individual.

A$AP Rocky’s influence is evident throughout the collection. His understanding of fashion and culture has infused new life into the pieces, which include the Inhale sneaker, chosen by Rocky from PUMA’s archives. The collection stands out for its use of high-quality materials and a design approach that gives each item a lived-in look, as if they’ve been part of a day’s hard work in a garage.

The collection features a sweatsuit with a slim fit to echo a racing suit, a T-shirt with a seatbelt graphic, a knitted balaclava inspired by racing drivers, a padded balaclava that mimics a racing helmet, and extra-large gloves reminiscent of racing gear. Each piece carries the distinct touch of A$AP Rocky’s design sensibility.

The Inhale OG sneakers are a highlight, reissued in their original colorway and accompanied by limited edition insoles designed by Rocky. These sneakers have transitioned from running shoes to streetwear icons, and this collaboration celebrates that evolution.

Rocky’s role extends beyond design; he’s the creative director for the campaign, actively involved in directing, designing, and producing all materials for the launch. His attention to detail shines through in the campaign’s unique combination of German expressionism with a playful, imaginative world, reminding us to hold on to the dreams and creativity of our youth.

Check it out below:

Available now in the United States on PUMA.com and at select stores around the globe.