Milan is a city of contrasts, where modern skyscrapers and new buildings coexist with historic shops that preserve the essence of its past. These shops are more than just places to buy goods, they are also spaces where people can feel at home and connect with the history and culture of the city.

One of these historic shops is Gattullo, a pastry shop and café that has been serving delicious treats and drinks since 1961. Gattullo is famous for its Mirtillino, a soft and moist blueberry cake that is the perfect companion for a morning coffee, and its Domenichino, a savory pastry filled with ham and cheese that is ideal for an afternoon aperitivo.

This Christmas, Gattullo is partnering with MSGM, a brand known for its colorful and playful designs that celebrate the traditions and icons of Milan. Together, they have created a festive collection that pays homage to the two signature products of Gattullo: the Mirtillino and the Domenichino.

The collection features clothing and accessories that are inspired by the shapes and colors of the pastries, as well as by the logo and the packaging of Gattullo. The Mirtillino is represented by a round and fluffy sweater in blue and white, while the Domenichino is transformed into a rectangular and crispy scarf in red and yellow. The collection also includes a tote bag, a hat, a pair of socks, and a pin, all adorned with the logos of MSGM and Gattullo.

The collection will be available on and in MSGM stores in Milan and London starting from December 15, 2023. Meanwhile check out the collection below: