Dawa can mean either “disorder” or “bazaar” in Arabic. This word and the cessation of 3537, are the inspirations for the group exhibition that just showed in Paris made up of a group of artists whose mediums range from sculpture to sonic installations and even memes.

Despite the apparent chaos suggested by the term “Dawa”, the exhibition featured a careful organization and attention to detail curated by Latif Samassi, a member of 3537. “The name I came up with truly reflects the essence of this hybrid and diverse form of showcasing. The intention of creating an artistic mess throughout the entire building for a limited time, featuring various artists and mediums, is a unique and exciting idea. From photography to video, sculpture to memes, everything will be intertwined and intermingled without any regard for traditional boundaries. It’s a splendid celebration of artistic chaos!” Samassi told us.

Samassi actively engaged with artists and their work by monitoring and following their profiles on social networks. This proactive approach allows him to stay connected with the artistic community and discover new talents.

By curating a selection of artists whose work, I have genuinely enjoyed over time, that exhibition represents my taste and artistic preferences. This personalized curation as I know the space by heart adds a special touch to the overall experience, creating a showcase that truly resonates with my passion and appreciation for art.”

Artists featured include ADC303, Monom, AM+PM, Amin Bidar, Antoine Conde, Bence Magyarlaki, Camille Roquet, Christopher Barraja, Corentin Still, Covco, Divine Southgate-Smith, Enantios Dromos, Gioele Amaro, Giovanni Bassan, Hugo Servanin, Ilias Mettioui, Inês Zenha, Josèfa Ntjam, Julia Gault, Leo Nataf, Louka Anargyros, Mamali Shafahi, Marc Leschelier, Mathieu Merlet Briand, Mohamed Bourouissa, Pavo Marinovic, Rich Aybar, Richie Talboy, Sophie Dherbecourt, Villard x Brossard, Youzy, Yugnat999, and Yvan Ivanovic.

All the pieces in the exhibition hold a unique value to me, making it challenging to choose a favorite. The diverse range of artworks and the effort put into each piece contribute to their individual significance.” Samassi shared, “Instead of singling out a specific piece, people can embrace the entirety of the exhibition as a collective experience. Allow themselves to immerse in the amalgamation of different artistic expressions, appreciating the beauty and impact of each work. Remember, the power of an exhibition lies in the collective energy and the diverse perspectives it offers. Enjoy the multitude of artistic voices coming together to create a rich and memorable experience.”


Photos by Lucien Heritier