Milan Fashion Week is not only full of shows by legendary brands with impressive venues but also performance-type presentations that are more interesting than most. One of those that caught our attention was from Italian brand A Better Mistake, which unveiled a preview of its genderless Fall/Winter 23 collection and its latest series of “see-now-buy-now” launches with a seven-act live performance.

“Alter ego” is the name given to this proposal, related to the second self that everyone has. In this presentation, organised in several passes, each of them was guided by the sound design of the Berlin multidisciplinary artist Metaraph and the performers, choreographed by the movement designer Macia del Prete. As the performance unfolded, the cast members stood on a monolith of mirrors, where colors, silhouettes, and fabrics changed dynamically, embodying the conceptual direction of the line. The same happened with the light, which, penetrating a prism that generates colors and reflections, gave way to new identities.

Prismatic reflections and disturbing electronic sounds become the guiding elements of this exploration, while the color groups of the collection worn by the performers represent the attributes of a different identity, such as yellow for extroversion, red for passion, pink for childhood and black for introspection, to arrive at the sum of the different identities of the individual. Silicone masks conceal the identity of the performers, who will tear them off in the last act, revealing their own selves.

The clothes are oversized to give maximum freedom of movement, as the superimposition of different volumes comfortably protects the body. Fabrics are sourced from warehouse waste in line with the brand’s responsible direction, see the case of organic cotton, leather, or wool from recycled coats; while the collection is produced almost exclusively in Italy, minimizing transport.

A Better Mistake encourages the visionary power that collectives can achieve and strongly believes in creative contamination, dialogue, and innovation. That’s why for this collection, the brand decided to co-design two unique dresses with the Berlin-based label DAVID WILLIAM.

Check out the collection below: