A Better Mistake presents their latest drop “In-flux”, a journey between the metaverse and the physical world born from the collaboration with Indian creative Kushlet, among the most influential digital artists of our times.

The study of the connection between the physical and the virtual world is one of the defining elements of A Better Mistake’s creations. The label continues in its exploratory process starting from the concepts of change and evolution, elements that unite the two universes.

The drop includes six garments: a puffer jacket, quilted trousers, a puffer hat, a silk scarf, a long-sleeved T-shirt and a hoodie. The 3D graphics by Kushlet give the idea of movement and dynamism and together with the volumes of the items, they create a bridge between the metaverse and reality, bringing digital avatars into the physical world.

The capsule collection, completely Made in Italy, is available at abettermistake.com