Franx de Cristal and Xavi García behind Spanish brand 44STUDIO, presented the second part of SILENCIO during London Fashion Week Men’s.

The silence is necessary for noise to exist, although absolute silence does not exist. Even in a soundproof room, we would hear our own breathing or the heartbeat that generates the disturbing sound of life. Silence is necessary to meditate, create and face our own fears. SILENCIO is a reflection on current society, wherewith so much noise, and excess of manipulated information, it seems to paralyze us and we do not react to social conflicts. Inspired by meditation, brutalism, minimalism and the art of the “Butho” dance to close an avant-garde and timeless collection.

Silence is respect. Silence is listening. Silence is light. Silence is dark. Silence is to learn. Silence is offensive. Silence is necessary.

Photography by John Siryana

Photographer: John Siryana
Make up: Rocio Cuenca
Hair: Salon44 @ Aveda
Shoes: Dr. Martens and J’Hayber
Casting: Ray Noir
Models: Encarni, Jorge, Asier, Santa, David, Andre, Benedict, Gartruche, Sergei, Loops and Cameron.