Max Kobosil, the founder of 44 LABEL GROUP, organized a rave in Paris during fashion week to celebrate the launch of his brand’s new Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

Called “Blame Society”, presented in an industrial-style warehouse (in the purest Berlin style) and with music by DJ Amelie Lens, no one wanted to miss the event. Two of the top models of the moment Vittoria Ceretti and Mona Tougaard, or the singer Mahmood were some of those who went to the location to show their support for Max, and of course, they arrived wearing the garments of the new line, which represents alternative futures and digital dystopias through bold prints, rough fabrics, and utilitarian uniforms.

The boldly styled, functional, and conceptual collection, aimed at fans of luxury streetwear, deepens 44 LABEL GROUP’s visual language, adding an extra touch of post-modern disenchantment. On closer inspection, we see a predominance of greyscale-washed denim, textured rubber, and durable canvas. All these materials or fabrics have been applied to a wide range of silhouettes, resulting in pleated combat skirts or full-body swimming costumes.

Another factor that plays an important role in the proposal is society, especially in the graphic expression of the offer. As a result of this influence, fictitious corporate logos such as algorithms, global eyes, and obscured money groups appear, as well as modular patches with ironic club archetypes such as Vinyl only, guest list, and backstage. All of them deepen the feeling of this “new (B)RAVE world” that 44 LABEL GROUP is successfully patenting, a slogan which, by the way, is also used throughout the offer.

These elements highlight a world-building approach that mixes pop cultural and club references to draw the image of a world that is not theirs, but of a not-so-distant future in which humanity, in general, is made to invasive technologies and social networks become omnipresent.

Finally, to pay homage to the roots of the founder of 44 LABEL GROUP, a collaboration has been carried out with the iconic luggage brand UDG, creating together a series of accessories such as a headphone case with a strap and a fanny pack.

See the collection below: