In November 2023, HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE marks a significant milestone, celebrating a decade of innovation in garment pleating technology. From its inception to the present day, the brand has remained unwavering in its commitment to this unique approach, crafting garments with distinctive forms that exude timelessness.

This brand has successfully cultivated an aesthetic that possesses a universal appeal, akin to those timeless wardrobe essentials we hold dear, regardless of the shifting seasons. HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE has delved into the concept of clothing designed with enduring style and qualities, much like the everyday tools we use and cherish over the years, offering a fresh perspective on clothing as a cultural expression.

To commemorate this anniversary, photographer Henry Leutwyler has skillfully captured not only the garments themselves but also the tools integral to their design and creation. These still-life images feature objects like a pin, a measuring tape, and fabric pieces, collectively narrating the brand’s journey over the past ten years.

Check out the images below: