Directed by NDA Paris and Ines Alpha (who is getting much hype with her 3D creations), About You features models Patricia Reina and Reuben Chapman in a fantastic reinterpretation of a first kiss. A visual fantasy built around a duality that opposes angelic purity and unbridled chaos. The two protagonists will gradually transform themselves into hybrid, half-human, half-digital beings and end up in a darker universe and far from the idyllic image of a first kiss.

Tokyo based label Trekkie Trax presents the new single by the two French artists, Aamourocean & Panteros 666 (Club Cheval). A track mixing exhilarating voices and synths with hardcore-gabber kicks. A musical style that is both futuristic and unclassifiable that sums up the universe of these two artists.

Watch the video below: