Multimedia hip hop and neo-soul collective Lo Stesso recently shared their new single ‘Wax & Wane’. The track is the second in a six parts video-single installment to be independently released throughout this year.

A collaboration between three lifelong friends from Southend-on-Sea, Lo Stesso (“The Same”) is a production, songwriting and filmmaking collective telling stories through film and music. ‘Wax & Wane’ follows ‘Oxygen’ as the second single to be released by the group in 2019.

Each of the group’s music videos is a snapshot into the lives of protagonists who, on the reveal of all six visuals, find that their stories interlink. Shot by Corey Waters and directed by Joe Mischo, the ‘Wax & Wane’ visual was shot in LA and tracks the lives of three characters each on a path toward self-destruction.

Watch it below: