For its 40th anniversary, Beams announced today the launch of “Tokyo Culture Story”, a new initiative inaugurated by a concept video showcasing 40 years of Tokyo culture, seen from both fashion and music perspectives.

The Tokyo Culture Story video is a recollection of 40 years of Tokyo’s culture, through fashion and music perspectives. Dressed by popular Japanese stylists such as Kyoko Fushimi, Shino Suganuma or Lambda Takahashi, each male and female models showcased in the video feature a distinct style proper to each year, including iconic fashion styles such as “Takenoko-zoku” or “Urahara-kei”, under the tune of Japanese hit song “Konya wa Boogie Back”, specially adapted for this video by various music artists including past Nirvana opening band Boredoms, tofubeats or virtual idol Hatsune Miku.