Sweatshirt and pants by Night Flow

Hoodie by Night Flow and pants by Adidas

Hat by New Era Europe, trench coat by Night Flow and vintage boots

Coat by Night Flow, vintage pants and shoes by Reebok

Fur jacket by Night Flow

Sweatshirt by Night Flow, boots by Chromosome Residence and sunglasses by Giantvintage

Javier de la Blanca captured by Marcos Pena for Night Flow Korea. The brand launched in South Korea, November, 2016 and is spreading to global markets such as Europe, Asia, and States. Night Flow has an Anti-Fashion identity which portrays a negative attitude towards standardized fashion and aims for a Post-Modern life that approach in a variety of ways. They focus their pieces on pragmatism and ingenuity.

Photographer/ Marcos Pena
Model&Styling/ Javier de la Blanca
Director/ Haein Yim, Heetack Oh