Travis Cannata @Ford is the new face of Mugler menswear for Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. Its Spring/Summer 2012 collection “Brothers of Arcadia” is set to launch with a film by Branislav Jankic and catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday 22nd June. The film will have a special uncensored edition to be revealed late on Xtube.

Nicola Formichetti explained, “I was interested in the idea of fantasy, dreams and voyeurism. I also liked the idea of modern and ancient myths. I live in New York but grew up in Rome with the baroque and classical architecture and sculpture everywhere. So I suppose this project is a combination of the two things, there are surfers, footballers and classical gods all rolled into one in this film. I was looking at Italian Neo-Realist cinema and then post that, where Fellini and Pasolini become more about myth and fantasy. At the same time, I loved the idea and accessibility of pornography and that everyday voyeurism on X tube. Fashion is always referencing pornography, so there was and element in doing this film of just ‘cutting out the middleman’, but it is an erotic fashion film nonetheless.”