What are the boys doing during Lockdown?


David Beer @Independent

The most time, I’m in my Garden doing Sports


Gabriele Vitali @Independent

During the lockdown here in London, I’m spending a lot of time with my mom and my bro cooking.


Jack Feeley @Independent

During my lockdown I’m enjoining my countryside fishing, doing yoga and swimming on the lake


Jari Lievens @Independent

During my lockdown, I meditate a lot, I play piano and I have fun dancing freestyle.”


Karolis Inokaitis @Independent

“Doing this quarantine I like to do exercises in the morning, then breakfast, then might to play some table games with family, then we cooking something together for lunch. 

After lunch, I’m checking my social media, talking with friends, taking care of my plants – talking with them about the future plans, Netflix 

And at the evening having dinner with family, taking A LOT, till ‘m going back to my room then all the magic happens, Pornub premium and some movies before sleep.”


Maksym Rasshoka @Independent

During the lockdown I’m painting, drawing, reading books


Milo Kester @Independent

“I am lucky enough that I could go stay at my mum’s house in the countryside when I stopped getting work in London due to the pandemic. I’ve been working on some accessories for a friend’s fashion collection as well as making my own sculpture. I have also been helping my mum in her vegetable patch and hanging out with my old, senile dog!
Hope you guys are well!”


Randy Aquino @Independent

During the lockdown, I’m staying in my garden at the sun as much as possible.


Thimour Sen @Independent

Being home so much can easily make anyone go insane but I’m enjoying my lockdown quite a lot, I wake up and exercise for an hour and have recently started the « insanity » program! I shower and play Animal Crossing with my girlfriend or Counter-Strike on my computer with my homies. Before dinner I usually read some books (my girl recently gave me some Murakami novels to read), or I’d play some guitar. I have two dogs at home and I usually finish off my day by going on a walk around the neighborhood with them.”


Tyler Veilleux e Lucas Gulminelli @Independent

During our lockdown, apart of not working, not going out, not much has changed. We are trying to do the same things we were usually doing, and we are making sure to cherish the little moments we usually don’t take the time to enjoy


Vanderson Almeida @Independent

During my lockdown I play a lot of videogames


William Blaugher @Indpendent

During my lockdown I’ve just been spending time with my girlfriend and playing guitar


William Hagg @Independent

I’m taking advantage of the lockdown to be with my family and chill at the sun, playing my ukulele.”