LAZOSCHMIDL‘s Fall/Winter 2021 collection explores the visual identity that has been shaped by the way we dressed – or have been dressed by our mothers. It is a reflection of things that have been lost and garments that have never been forgotten.

In our dreams, we stand in front of our childhood closets picking out the pieces we want to wear to school. In our bedrooms, we gaze at mail order catalog mannequins and late-night TV programs. In our fantasies, we combine our re-imagined wardrobe with an adult-content-way of dressing. The remembrance of childhood is a playful and happy place for grown-up men to rediscover where the heart is.”

Check out the full collection below:

Film: Alan Marty
Artistic direction: Andreas Schmidl
Director of photography: Julius Hayes
Movement direction: Josef Lazo
Styling: Emma Thorstrand
Make-up: Josefna Zarmén
Photography: David Walegren
Music: Carl Hjelm
Production assistants: Jonas Gustavsson & Johanna Larsson Edit: Hendrik Schmandt
Colour grading: Marion Godineau