Fashion Film for KTZ‘s Spring/Summer 2013, directed by Roman Kim and styled by Naz & Kusi at Tzarkusi, introducing Menswear with a canvas of youth and a flourish of revolution.

The collection uncovers the outpouring of rebellion through the bold and aggressive force of American Football, boldly portrayed through an arsenal of heavy cotton, military composition, boundless lacework and corsetry, savage cut design with intricate patterns and contrasting ferocious T-Shirt prints with classic sock-suspenders.

This Menswear collection provokes the music of Heavy Metal in order to explore human natures desire for freedom, a revolution of youth in search of identity without stereotype – to become the individual free from judgement.



All Clothing KTZ SS13
Video Director : Roman Kim
Photography: Maria Rita
Styling : Naz & Kusi at Tzarkusi
Set Design : Thomas Petherick
Make Up Artist : Giada Venturini
Hair: Masato Inoue
Music : Nicholas Vallechi
Stylist Assistant : Samantha Glenne
Assistant Director : Martim Mónica
Models : Igor Stepanov at Select ; Julian Ardley at D1 ; Yauheni Dorahov at D1 ; Marc Rogers at D1