Humberto Leon & Carol Lim, creative directors of KENZO, present “Music Is My Mistress” a film by lauded writer/director Kahlil Joseph. Starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Jesse Williams, Kelsy Lu and Ish, the film is an amalgamation of rhythms, visions and moods that eschews narrative continuity in favor of divergent glimpses into a bigger story.

Kahlil Joseph’s unique brand of filmmaking pushes the form into extreme shifts of registers, code-switching fluidly between several filmic languages. It’s a trailer wrapped in a music video inside a short film. It’s a comedy subverting its own seriousness. It feels vast yet intimate, pensive yet deeply funny, lyrical and blunt, precise and improvised. “Music is my Mistress” is testament to Joseph’s talent for inhabiting multiple realities at once, an argument against separation and compartmentalization.

With every campaign film we always try to take KENZO to a new place. This is the second time we’ve worked with Kahlil on a short film and with “Music is My Mistress” he evoked another viewpoint on our collections that felt right to us. Visually the movie is incredible and leads us to confirm we were right in trusting our instincts when we asked him to work with us on the project. Having Tracee, Jessie, Lu and Ish also collaborate was amazing. The atmosphere on set was so unique and we think that’s visible in the film. Everyone brought their diverse talents together to create something beautiful.” – said Carol Lim & Humberto Leon