Australian singer Brendan Maclean wants to break the internet with his new NSFW video for funbang1 cut House Of Air.

The video, based on Hal Fischer’s Gay Semiotics from 1977 and directed by Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston, is unlike anything you ever watched on Youtube. Described as “An anthropological study of gay semiotics, taxonomies, and sexual behaviors” it is definitely educative in terms of revealing a range of codes, maybe nowadays disused, due to the existence of apps that make casual sexual encounters a lot more straightforward, just by filtering what you are into.

This video might raise all type of questions like “How come Youtube hasn’t taken this video down yet?” but honestly for me the video seems more acceptable than all the racist and homophonic comments regarding this “piece of art” . Please feel free to comment on why you think the content is not violating the Youtube’s terms.