Bringing an idea to reality for the first time is always a hard way. It’s not just about creativity. Designing fashion in today’s world, requires a deeper investigation, a collection that tells a story, a conscious production, a final product linked to the need, to awaken minds through activism, something to declare a new idea of beauty. A new generation of designers is working to change the rules of the fashion industry.

The Fucking Young! editors have chosen seven final collections by students of the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design and BA (Hons) in Fashion Design from the latest promotions of the IED Barcelona – Istituto Europeo di Design to show that something is changing:


This collection titled “1933” won the Franca Sozzani Award 2019 for the best collection given by IED Barcelona. Carla Alberch was inspired by the memories of her grandfather, who grew up in a textile printing factory of family tradition. The proposal investigates new ways to print on fabrics following the technique “à la Lyonnaise”, typical of the company. The seven looks designed for men evoke the clothing of the sixties and the clothes that his grandfather wore. @carla.alberch


Brenda González compares the act of taking a selfie with the photography of artistic works in a reflection on the growing prominence of the image in communication and in social bonds. It also establishes a comparison between the creative process of the designer and that of the sculptor: just as the sculptor works with material, the designers also sculpt, mold with fabrics. A collection inspired by sculptures, the human body and the Freedom of Panorama. @brendagz22


This student has been inspired by the subculture called “AREA 3xxx”, that is born of a repressed society, invaded by technology and subjected to totalitarian systems. She’s trying to represent the vision of a group of young warriors that defies the established. Orange is the color that represents the creation and freedom of this subculture. The collection presents asymmetrical garments, zippers that join different pieces forming whole pieces, silhouettes and shapes inspired by brutalist architecture. @annazamora.a



“Couture Maladroite” by Vicente Paolo Chulia is a collection inspired by the designer’s own story. A boy who feels different until he finds his way of expression through creativity. The collection integrates the French and Valencian roots of the student and, at the same time, takes inspiration from art, graffiti or the culture of the night, aspects that have marked his life. @paolochulia


“POAL” is the collection project created by Claudia Aleu. The collection portrays these references using structural, somewhat deformed shapes, leaving conventionalities behind, striving to exaggerate and accentuate the things we tend not to highlight so as to reveal a different, unusual view. The breeze, the North Wind, strong and cold, Cap de Creus (a peninsula and a headland located at the far northeast of Catalonia), white houses, vineyards, the sea, the rocks, natural sculptures, surrealism, madness, and art are the elements that have inspired ‘Poal’. @claudiaaleu



“Lo Pagano” (Pagan) is an ode to Spanish culture by Álvaro Martínez Pérez. The power of flamenco and its symbolism are present in this proposal that serves as a letter of introduction to the Mediterranean roots of the designer. The garments aim to enhance the figure of the woman behind the twentieth-century ateliers and the Spanish seamstress tradition throughout history. @alvaromarsinfo



Luis de Javier wants to create a type of social critique with his collection about the LGBTphobia in society and how queer culture has influenced him in his teen years. “I decided to focus on some of my idols so I could analyze them deeply and thoroughly extract the true essence of each one of them and transform all metaphors in something physical and wearable: Venus Extravaganza, an American transgender performer, and Michael Alig, a former New York club promoter, who ended up creating the biggest underground club scene in history during the 90’s” – said Luis de Javier. The collection portrays the true decadent and obscure feeling behind the glamorous and extravagant lifestyle that all queer kids desire to live. @eledejavier

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