Ardentees is an intriguing visual exploration of the symbiotic relation between fashion and art.
ARDT collabores with the wave of creative talents yet untapped. This is a collection about the work of  portuguease artist Gonzalo Bénard.

When writing, painting and drawing were no longer fulfilling Gonzalo Bénard as a creator, photography came unexpectedly into his life. Gonzalo let it come so his expression could flow, his creativity could come out pre-digested. Playing with light and feelings, cultures and people, without distracting colours, backgrounds or clothing. Often using himself as part of the oneness, being in front and behind the camera, gives him a better sense of the dialogue. Gonzalo Bénard can create and be involved in the rituals and cultures of life. As oneness. As nature. As light itself. Gonzalo Bénard is a creator of human portraits. Is a creator of portraits of persons. In the black. And in the white.”