Dino Alves Spring/Summer 2014

Dino Alves presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during ModaLisboa.

Ricardo Dourado Spring/Summer 2014

Ricardo Dourado presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during ModaLisboa, entitled “Drop The City“.

Valentim Quaresma Spring/Summer 2014

Valentim Quaresma presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during ModaLisboa.

Lidija Kolovrat Spring/Summer 2014

Lidija Kolovrat presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring asymmetric cuts and geometric patterns.

Ricardo Andrez Spring/Summer 2014

Ricardo Andrez presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during ModaLisboa, entitled “Blind“.

“Flesh is called infinity And Cosmos collapse lacking delusion. Holographic memory is real time travel. Time is happening like a sunstroke. Insolation makes your dreams come true. Perceptual… »


Sangue Novo | Hibu Spring/Summer 2014

Hibu unveiled a white Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Sangue Novo, during ModaLisboa, featuring minimal cuts and slightly oversized silhouettes.

Sangue Novo | Catarina Oliveira Spring/Summer 2014

Catarina Oliveira presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Sangue Novo, during ModaLisboa, mixing interesting textures and patterns.

Sangue Novo | Filipa Gomes Fall/Winter 2013-14

Filipa Gomes presented her Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection at Sangue Novo, during ModaLisboa.

ModaLisboa “EVER.NOW” Spring/Summer 2014 Schedule

Here is the amazing schedule for the Spring/Summer 2014 shows in Lisbon.

30 SepLisbon

Estelita Mendonça Fall/Winter 2013

Emerging portuguese designer Estelita Mendonça presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection at BLOOM during PortugalFashion.

Hugo Costa Fall/Winter 2013

Emerging portuguese designer Hugo Costa presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection at BLOOM during PortugalFashion. The collection has clear influences from street wear, transformed and interpreted in the classic male clothing. The colour is presented as a block, from which… »

Fátima Lopes Fall/Winter 2013

Fátima Lopes presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection inspired by the diamond size, during PortugalFashion. Fátima brings 3D details to the clothes, mixing exclusive prints used in patchwork in order to recall a thousand sides of the precious stone.

Nuno Gama Fall/Winter 2013

Nuno Gama presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “ICOSAEDRO”, the collection was inspired by the perfect geometry of a equilateral triangle and its symbolism.

Miguel Vieira Fall/Winter 2013

Miguel Vieira presented a black & white Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring well tailored pieces, mixing formal with casual looks.

Dino Alves Fall/Winter 2013

Dino Alves presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “NEXT PAGE”, the collection is inspired by book pages, featuring layered looks and prints.

V!tor Fall/Winter 2013

V!tor presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa. Entitled “V!TOLOGY”, the collection is inspired by gods, creatures and muses of mythology.

Alexandra Moura Fall/Winter 2013

Alexandra Moura presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring simple lines, minimal silhouettes and materials like cotton, kid mohair, velvet and neoprene. The symbolism behind this collection is the source of everything, beauty and protection.

Os Burgueses Fall/Winter 2013

Os Burgueses presented their “BLACKOUT” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa.

Ricardo Andrez Fall/Winter 2013

Ricardo Andrez presented his “BRVTVS” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa.

Ricardo Dourado Fall/Winter 2013

Ricardo Dourado presented his “Soweto” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during ModaLisboa, featuring oversized silhouettes and some interesting details.

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