Markus Lupfer Spring/Summer 2013

German designer Markus Lupfer‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection entitled ‘Garden Shed’ has a strong focus on prints, featuring beetles, bicycle chains and nuts on t-shirts, sweaters and shorts.

Nicole Farhi Spring/Summer 2013

18 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Richard James Spring/Summer 2013

18 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Christopher Raeburn Spring/Summer 2013

18 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Meadham Kirchhoff Spring/Summer 2013

Richard Nicoll Spring/Summer 2013

17 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Pringle of Scotland Spring/Summer 2013

17 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Margaret Howell Spring/Summer 2013

17 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

J.W. Andersen Spring/Summer 2013

17 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Omar Kashoura Spring/Summer 2013

17 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

Jonathan Saunders Spring/Summer 2013

Jame Long Spring/Summer 2013

Christopher Shannon Spring/Summer 2013

Christopher Shannon‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection was inspired by 1970s English folk movement.

Mr. Start Spring/Summer 2013

16 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Katie Eary Spring/Summer 2013

16 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Sibling Spring/Summer 2013

A sportswear silhouette build with stretch metallic golden knit fabric was Sibling’s SS13 most defining statement. The models remained anonymous yet very much attractive behind semi-medieval helmets, which perhaps unintentionally brought focus to their bodies – more than they did to their… »

16 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Astrid Andersen Spring/Summer 2013

With her SS13 collection, Astrid Andersen proves that lace leggings can be the perfect accruements to manly man. Also, she sent her models down the runway wearing shorts with transparent backs that may just become the next Met Ball ensemble of… »

16 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Agi & Sam Spring/Summer 2013

16 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

E. Tautz Spring/Summer 2013

16 JunLondon. Spring/Summer

Xander Zhou Spring/Summer 2013

Don’t expect to take the Bus wearing anything Xander Zhou Spring/Summer 2013. His collection leans toward a space age that is yet to arrive and the silhouette is one layer too covered for the intended season. On the bright… »

Spencer Hart Spring/Summer 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch made his catwalk debut at Spencer Hart’s Spring/Summer 2013 show. There was something of celebrity black-robe indulgence towards the show’s finale, yet press antics aside, this collection presented a dignified militia of models dressed… »

Oliver Spencer Spring/Summer 2013

YMC Spring/Summer 2013

Joseph Abboud Spring/Summer 2013

Wing collars included, Joseph Abboud delivered a 20’s inspired rampage where techno details rescued the vintage look from second-hand shop mortality. He opted for a small show presentation of its Spring/Summer 2013 offerings, with models occasionally looking like pristine preppy pastries or… »

Hackett London Spring/Summer 2013

Deliciousness was present at least in three out of the many runway exits seen at Hackett London’s Spring/Summer 2013. Some of is was the usual British heritage binge – that can only be seen worn by… »

TopMan Design Spring/Summer 2013

Kandinsky, football and fluor: what do these things have in common? Nothing  – but that didn’t restrain fast fashion retailer TopMan from having them sent down a runway, in ubiquitous arty garments that were modeled by all the top coverboys…. »

Martine Rose Spring/Summer 2013

We’re not entirely sure of who’s to benefit from Martine Rose’s Spring/Summer 2013 bell bottom jeans, either way, there was the occasional balenciagaesque bomber jacket or surf-inspired shorts that made us sigh from relief, even when every hope seem to be already lost…. »

Lou Dalton Spring/Summer 2013

British designer Lou Dalton brings us her usual princely sportswear, where attention to detail in these Spring/Summer 2013 designs was “based around obsession and collecting.” Tailored bottoms were contrasted with slightly oversized nursing-home-escapee tops, and although there was the occasional… »

London Collections: Men Spring/Summer 2013 Schedule

Here is the amazing schedule for the Spring/Summer 2013 shows in London.

15 JunLondon
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