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Ben Freeman, Caleb Kilby, David Hoyle, James Weir, Jordan Cook, Jordan Hunt, Matt Saunders, Matt Wood, Mica Levi, Oli Paget-Moon, Olly Alexander and Toby Thompson, shot by Christian MacDonald and styled by Ellie Grace Cumming, for… »

16 NovEditorial

Grenen Bohemians

Otto Lotz captured by Nacho Pinedo and styled by Ildara Cuiñas, for the November 2014 issue of Esquire España.

16 NovEditorial

Cold Heart

Gytis and Edis at Urban Management photographed by Simone Lorusso and styled by Edoardo Caniglia with pieces from Tom Rebl, CP COMPANY, Prada, Calvin Klein and Cavalli CLASS, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

16 NovEditorial. Exclusive

All Work & No Play

Nils Butler captured by the lens of Yoshino, for the latest issue of Flaunt magazine.

15 NovEditorial

Jeux de Piste

Barthelemy Surville and Charlie Ayres Taylor photographed by Julia Hetta and styled by Hannes Hetta, for the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Numéro Homme magazine.

15 NovEditorial
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Ride or Die

Devin Childers, Karlis Sadlers, Joel Meacock, Philip Reimers and David Kubas, shot by Luke Abby and styled by Jacob Park, for the latest issue of Carbon Copy magazine.

14 NovEditorial

Wild Horses

Willy Cartier lensed by Frederico Martins and styled by Nelly de Melo Gonçalves, for the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Dsection magazine.

14 NovEditorial

O’Shea, Timothée & Travis by Oliver Hadlee-Pearch

O’Shea Robertson, Timothée Bertoni and Travis Smith photographed by Oliver Hadlee-Pearch and styled by Max Clark, for the latest issue of Arena Homme + magazine.

14 NovEditorial

F.Y. Twitter


VIVA LA PAPPA! by Maxime Martin @elitefrance @KRISVANASSCHE @MaisonSmalto

21 Dec


Arthur Gosse and Guerrino Santulliana captured by Matthew Brookes, for the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Numéro Homme Russia.

14 NovEditorial

I Am Dressing You

Robbi and Ringo at Tomorrow is Another Day shot by Jennifer Endom and styled by Bodo Ernle with pieces from Givenchy, Dior Homme, Versace, Prada and more, for Bite magazine.

14 NovEditorial

Nick Jonas by Tetsu Kubota

Nick Jonas captured by the lens of Tetsu Kubota and styled by Justin Berkowitz, for the latest issue of Details magazine.

13 NovEditorial


Julian De Gainza at Supa Model Management photographed by Edwin S Freyer and styled with pieces from Saint Laurent and Topman, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

13 NovEditorial. Exclusive

Like a Hobo

Florian Van Bael captured by Matias Indjic and styled by Fleur Huynh Evans, for the latest issue of Apollo magazine.

13 NovEditorial

The Modern Silhouette

Conor Skilbeck at D1 Models photographed by Jack Buster and styled by Leonard Arceo with pieces from Calvin Klein, Martine Rose, Acne Studios, Emporio Armani, Bottega Veneta, J.W.Anderson, Topman Design and E. Tautz, in exclusive for… »

13 NovEditorial. Exclusive

Ready for the Floor

Dima Dionesov at Trend Models captured by the lens of José Morraja and styled by Jorge Olmedo, for the latest issue of Neo2 magazine.

12 NovEditorial

Mikkel Jensen by Milan Vukmirovic

Mikkel Jensen lensed by Milan Vukmirovic and styled by Scarlett Viquel, for the latest issue of Fashion For Men magazine.

12 NovEditorial

Jon Kortajarena by Emre Guven

Jon Kortajarena photographed by Emre Guven and styled by Ayca Elkap, for the latest coverstory of L’Officiel Hommes Turkey.

12 NovEditorial

White Autumn

Alejandro Ravven and Olli Greb shot by Dennis Weber and styled by Claudia Melzer, for the latest coverstory of Caleo magazine.

12 NovEditorial

The Casavant Archive

Gryphon O’Shea lensed by Victor Demarchelier and outfitted by Gro Curtis, for the latest issue of Hero magazine.

11 NovEditorial

Modern Knight

Sebastian at Scoop Models photographed by Kazuma Tagikawa and styled by Denis Bjerregaard, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

11 NovEditorial. Exclusive
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