W&F BIRD Fall/Winter 2015

W&F BIRD presented its Fall/Winter 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week.


LCIYEE Fall/Winter 2015

LCIYEE unveiled its Fall/Winter 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week.


D’NIM Fall/Winter 2015

D’NIM unveiled its Fall/Winter 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week.


TIGRAN AVETISYAN x WUT “Exclusive Pieces”

Moscow based designer TIGRAN AVETISYAN made exclusive T-shirts for the Tokyo concept store WUT. Tigran mixed his SS15 collection signature theme “DUTY FREE” with a black&white ceramic tile print referencing to the store interior. The lookbook… »

29 MarCapsule. Collection

VICRI Fall/Winter 2015

VICRI presented its Fall/Winter 2015 collection during PortugalFashion. Inspired by the movie Quadrophenia and the MOD movement, where the striking aesthetic became a way of life, this season VICRI offers stylish outfits comprised of flawless coordinates. The very… »


KLAR Fall/Winter 2015

Alexandre Marrafeiro, Andreia Oliveira and Tiago Carneiro unveiled their Fall/Winter 2015 collection for KLAR at BLOOM during PortugalFashion.


Estelita Mendonça Fall/Winter 2015

Estelita Mendonça presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection during PortugalFashion.


Hugo Costa Fall/Winter 2015

Hugo Costa presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection during PortugalFashion. This collection found inspiration in the Tibetan nomads’ garments. Exposed to harsh climates, these people were forced to reinvent the use of clothing. The collection is built around… »

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W&F BIRD Fall/Winter 2015 Collection: #MBCFW #WFBIRD

29 Mar

Mafalda Fonseca Fall/Winter 2015

Mafalda Fonseca presented her Fall/Winter 2015 collection at BLOOM during PortugalFashion.


Julio Torcato Fall/Winter 2015

Julio Torcato unveiled his Fall/Winter 2015 collection during PortugalFashion. The collection deals with duality and duplicity, us and them, with the differences approaching like energy (positive/negative) and associating apparently opposing concepts: light/dark, tradition/modernity, classical/street.


HIBU Fall/Winter 2015

Gonçalo Páscoa and Marta Gonçalves presented their Fall/Winter 2015 collection for HIBU, at BLOOM during PortugalFashion.


Storytailors Fall/Winter 2015

João Branco and Luís Sanchez presented their Fall/Winter 2015 collection for Storytailors during PortugalFashion.

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I just love it.UMBERTO-LUCE.-Yak-Rusty-Boots_fy0

UMBERTO LUCE. Yak Rusty Boots

Fashion is at the forefront for these masculine Umberto Luce‘s handmade shoes with a sandblast finishing. The “rusty” look is created with a glossy leather coating allowing soft suede to peek through, noticeably at the toe and heel… »

20 Mar

Adidas in Wonderland

A group of menswear students from London College of Fashion teamed up with Adidas to create a capsule collection that merge the classicality of tailoring with the functionality of sportswear. The collection explores the concept of climatic extremes by looking… »

27 MarIntroducing

ZL by zlism Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

ZL by Zlism unveiled its Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook, featuring Jazz photographed by dANhO.

26 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

XIMONLEE Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook

XIMONLEE unveiled its Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook, photographed by Peter Stanglmayr.

26 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

BAPE Launch Premium Line

Iconic Japanese streetwear label A Bathing Ape announces the launch of new premium line: BAPE BLACK. The luxury capsule collection explores streetwear essentials with an emphasis on premium quality- leather, neoprene and swarovski crystals all feature.

26 MarCapsule. Collection

Kristian Steinberg Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook

Kristian Steinberg unveiled its Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook, featuring Sam, Bash, Roland, Josh and Ollie at Models1 photographed by JC Verona and styled by Abdul Adama. The collection titled ∆ (Delta), amasses elements from tailoring and… »

26 MarCollection. Fall/Winter

Byungmun Seo Fall/Winter 2015

Byungmun Seo unveiled its Fall/Winter 2015 collection during Seoul Fashion Week.


Givenchy – 2nd Men’s Tuxedo Capsule Collection

Givenchy announces its 2nd men’s tuxedo capsule collection. Comprising three bodies, each style is distinctive in its own right, but all bear Riccardo Tisci‘s design imprimatur. House signatures can be seen in the strongly defined, masculine shoulder lines,… »

25 MarCapsule. Collection

STINAK Fall/Winter 2015

Czech designer Vladimír Staněk presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend. It is called “SEARCHINGFORLOVE” and concentrates on accessories and hand-made pieces.

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