Russian menswear designer Artem Shumov presents the new Fall-Winter 20-21 collection captured by Mario Grey. The designer explores the dualism of the phenomenon of globalization, which simultaneously leads to a loss of identity and a search for individuality in different cultures. The collection combines tradition with modern technology: a gray wool suit and a classical blue coat, a native ornament trench-coat made from a Balinese hand-crafted fabric, neon bombers and colorful striped nylon shirts.

Shumov talks about sources of inspiration for the new collection: “The leitmotif of this season for me can be expressed in just one word – local. We live in very interesting times, technology is often ahead of social foundations and norms; it is important not to lose yourself, to find and maintain your individuality has become a relevant problem not just for one person, but for entire nations”.

Photographer Mario Grey
Assistant: Arina Zavarzina
Models: Artem Volkov, Denis, Natalie Chekati, Edward Fong, Andrey Yarden, Matteo Ferrabosch