AMXANDER unveiled its Fall/Winter 2019 collection titled “REFUGE”. It pays homage to SJW’s of the nearly-forgotten Australian history – the Bushranger. A bunch of gunslinging ‘robin hood’ individuals with a general knack of getting caught by the law.

Inspired by these stories of raids, victories and losses, the guys have paralleled this to their experiences of late 90s MMORPG gaming (think Ragnarok Online, Gunbound, Maple Story) – where hours were spent as an escape through unstable internet connections, escaping reality and more importantly, building upon their social interactions digitally when they struggled to build them offline (being socially awkward immigrants and all). For these experiences, they pay homage to the lessons and the strangers they shared these brief journeys with, through the re-imagining of the uniform of the ‘gunslinger’ character class.

In this collection’s ‘armoury’, you’ll find harnessed functional gun-vests, hard wearing Japanese indigo denim, high-vis detailing, and body-tight knits – all designed with movement and function in mind.