The Alexandra Moura Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is inspired by the social neighborhoods of Lisbon city. These cultural mixtures are a result of their coming to Portugal from Africa in the 70s  and their adjustment to a different culture never forgetting their roots. From grandparents who came and their sons and grandsons that were born here, the generations blend together proud of their culture,  aesthetics and by standing up in a society that outcasts them regardless.

This collection mixes opposites, from the ” underground” with ethnical features, to the Hip-Hop with African influences.  The classic of an antique generation contrasts the new generation’s streetwear, the traditional costumes to street art, creating contemporary and “retro” silhouettes. The details emerge from the idea that the garments “go from one person to another” adjusting to the new body, creating new shapes and details. The walls with “tags” and layers of torn posters are the motto for the fabric manipulation and prints of the collection, where these talk about the suburban culture. One of the tags comes from the Portuguese rapper Sam the Kid  “Eu não quero ser o melhor, eu melhoro a fazer de mim” which means I don’t want to be the best, I get better at being myself.