Here is the men’s lookbook for Zoologie Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

ZOOLOGIE was formed in Melbourne in 2008 by husband and wife team George Haughton and Bonita Francis.
Having been together since 2006, the duo’s backgrounds in fashion & graphic design naturally progressed into the quirky laid back label ZOOLOGIE! is today.
Hailing from the wildly different landscapes of Ireland and  the tropical Cook Islands respectively, their differing approach to design can be attributed to the dichotomous nature of these formative landscapes. This friction is always at the heart of their designs and is reflected in the push-pull dynamic of the husband and wife team.

The Influences for their designs often come from a very similar place each season. Whether it be from a 1930’s African safari or the brightly coloured Hopi Kachina dolls of native American tribes, the design concepts usually derive from a journey to a distant land or of viewing a new world for the first time (A possible by-product of the couple’s real life situation).
The results are collections that aren’t trend led, but rather, go against the grain. Clothes that are defined by quirky detailing, playfully unexpected finishing’s and a bright and optimistic outlook on life.