On Friday, French cult brand Zadig & Voltaire closed what was nearly two weeks of fashion week made up of couture and men’s. The brand already met some controversy before the show when the featured a flaming fountain in their socials teaser which resembled a piece by artist Julian Charrière, but that didn’t stop people from heading to the trendy exhibition space for emerging artists, Galerie Poush, in Aubervilliers. Actors Ed Westwick, Sky Ferreira, William Franklyn Miller, Carmen Kassovitz were just some of the names to make up the front row while models walked out to an exclusive soundtrack from artist, Eloi.

For Fall Winter 2023, designer Cecilia Bönström, known for her understated luxury, followed suite as seen earlier in men’s with a reconstructed new sense of formality made up of slightly slouch suits, practical denim with daring diamond-like touches for a Y2K nod, leathery texture whether from varnish to matte in iconic shapes, while colors were minimal with the slight sight of rust or clinical white but mostly we got a series of reinvented staples in black which is as genderless as it is classic.


Take a look at the menswear looks below: