YSL inaugurates an ephemeral space in Madrid: the #YSLBEAUTYHOTEL where each room and suite are dedicated to the ‘beauty’ pleasures.

A stately building closed for 40 years has been converted into an incredible hotel. The guests can take a tour about some of its most iconic products, such as the Touche Éclat, which was born in 1992 and which is his best-loved best seller; the Rouge Volupté, his most famous lipstick and that every season reinvents himself; the latest male perfume Y by Yves Saint Laurent or its mythical Black Opium perfume, created in 2014 and whose aroma is already associated with the brand all over the world.

In the opening, Amanda Portillo, Kito Muñoz, and Curro Verdugo were some of the hosts, taking care of the music. Baths full of glitter, neon lights everywhere, make-up artist Kley Kafe making anyone who would like and the most transgressive scene from Madrid having an unforgettable night.

Welcome to the #YSLBEAUTYHOTEL

Soraya Tzilati y Filip Custic

Amanda Portillo

Alex Domenec

Cristina Rodríguez y Juan Avellaneda

Kito Muñoz y Curro Verdugo

Pablo Peregrín

Anna Ponsa López

Alicia Cao

Andrea Guash

Maria K Fisherman

Gerard Estadella

Isabel Zancajo

Andrea Guash

Filip Custic

Jesús, Miguel Becer, Daniel del Valle, Violeta Dai, Jorge Valero

Jorge García Valero

Alberto Ortiz Rey

Alicia Fabrega

Daniel Illescas

Virgina Camus


Marco Llorente

Moises Nieto

Anna Pascual

Juan Avellaneda

Laura Pitter

Ana Maillo

Kito Muñoz

Angela Huete + Javier de la Blanca

Daniel Illescas

Vicente Guijarro

Antonio Delgado + Denys Pivtorak

Luca Guarini + Pablo Saez

Albert Mullor

Daniel Illescas

All the images by Gerard Estadella @icanteachyou