Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy1 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy2 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy3 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy4 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy5 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy6 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy7 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy8 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy9 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy10 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy11 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy12 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy13 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy14 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy15 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy16 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy17 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy18 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy19 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy20 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy21 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy22 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy23 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy24 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy25 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy26 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy27 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy28 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy29 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy30 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy31 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy32 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy33 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy34 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy35 Yii-SS16-Lookbook_fy36 Yii‘s Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection revolves around the defiance of humanity we were living in despite all misfortunes of sorts. Inspired by the first child abuse case that was shone upon, the history of Mary Ellen Wilson had been sick and tormenting, yet easily relatable. The collection speaks of a story of every victim would, exploring from the child’s perspectives and the voice of the abuser to the sensible ones around. Playing with manipulative metaphors, it interpretatively shows various method of tortures used on the young souls. Ironically creating a somewhat vivid and surreal ludicrous silhouettes out of the customaries, and shaping haunting catchphrases reflects on the abuser himself, of his disturbed thoughts and mind. In contrary, the collection also speaks of what a sensible man would do to the victims; to heal. By each and every piece represents simple methods such as basic communication, care, comfort and most importantly, love.   Photography: ZhongLin Photography Assistant: Andrea Loo Art Direction: Yii & ZhongLin Assistants: Riri Tan & Kirane Anne Madius Hair: Juno Ko Make-up: Alicia Tan Model: Francesco Pellegrino