Glenn Martens did it again, yes. He has once more pulled out all his heavy artillery and left everyone speechless, especially those attending the presentation of his Spring/Summer 2024 collection in Paris on the occasion of Fashion Week, who at the end gave the Belgian a long session of applause, including Renzo Rosso, founder of the OTB group to which Diesel belongs, also creatively directed by the designer.

The industrial-style building located at 17 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière was the stage chosen to unveil the looks that made up the line. Everything was designed to fit in with the proposal, characterised mainly by the extravagant silhouettes and the volumes present in the jackets with XL hoods, as well as the fabrics used in the clothes, where denim could not be missing. Glenn loves this, and moreover, nobody knows how, but every season he manages to make this material become the coolest of all; maybe that’s why part of Generation Z worships him and does the impossible to be close to him and breathe his own air. Incredible but 100% true. Surely next S/S will see many of them wearing lavender, yellow, or burgundy denim items.

Martens is a genius and he turns everything upside down and makes it fun and avant-garde, even the architecture of his hometown, Bruges, which has served as an inspiration to design this work. Buying his creations is an investment and over time that is proving to be true. Everything is a sure bet, from the logo T-shirts that make us ignore the silent luxury style so prevalent today, to the twisted pieces worn with work boots, which by the time they hit the market will be a bestseller and sell out.

Here is all that Y/PROJECT had to offer in the French capital. Enough and more for a couple of seasons. Check out the collection below: