Wonderground is a design team from Budapest formed by Réka Hársfalvi, Dóra Hegedűs and Léna Karácsony, present us their first collection. The lookbook features Aty at WAM Models shot by Wanda Matrin. Make-up by Karolina Neszteli.


Under the metropolitan Budapest stretches an enormous extention of crystal caves. The crystal cave of the Citadel has been until today kept untouched, asking us to highlight it’s existence.The underground motivation of our collection is obvious: we played with the elements of the underground culture, while trying to represent the undergound location of the caves and the multiple meaning of the word ‘underground’. We enforced the contradiction between the city’s on-going rhythm and the timeless calm of the hiding treasures under it, showing these hidden wonders in a loud and powerful way in our textile patterns.