The best about street-style photography is that it is interesting seen from both sides of the camera. The result is something we enjoy, for its aesthetic as well as documentary values, but the photographer himself is often an equally enticing figure. windsor. and Rimova teamed up with one of the most current street-style photographers, Adam Katz Sinding – to give us an insight on the fabulous life of a true world-traveler – and one of the most debonair, if we may say.

windsor.’s legendary elegance perfectly matches the composed allure of Adam Katz Sinding. Their new line, in collaboration with Rimova is called Mindful Traveler and is made up of all the essentials for a journey meeting high standards in terms of comfort as well as style: a clean-cut suit, extremely light and well-designed – and of course a suitcase, the timeless design of which is a guarantee. Adam Katz Sinding travelled to Milan with his Mindful Traveler set for the fashion week, where he surely put it to good use.