This season Willy Chavarria decided to take a peaceful approach, focusing on silhouette and fabric. His exaggerated slouchy and wide leg shapes are more pronounced this season styled in simplicity to allow the garments to speak out for themselves. Willy’s signature high waited, oversized Chicano styling influence is still ever-present with new inflections of modernism.

The look book includes two collaborations. One is a continuation of Willy’s partnership with Danish fútbol brand Hummel which will continue to focus on support and sponsorship of refugee, asylee and immigrant youth through soccer. The other is a project with KANSAS, a Danish workwear brand which makes hi-tech Workman’s apparel – a partnership which will also have a social empowerment goal.

Photographer: Kraige Tobias
Stylist: Karlo Steel
Hair & Make-up: Marco Castro