The meeting of Maud Geffray (one half of duo Scratch Massive) and Wilfried Lantoine took place under the rhythmic shared memories from Parisian club “Le PULP” where Wilfried was a baby dance-floor and Maud resident DJ, alongside iconic DJ chloé.
The images of forgotten rave parties, memories from the  “FRENCH TOUCH” movement, the fantasy of carefreeness that each of them explores in his way through his work, rapidly leads them to the conclusion that the next step has to be a collaboration.
Upon hearing it, Wilfried falls in love with the track “bleu pétrole” and decides to stage his collection SS17 around seven young Parisians moving on this intoxicating beat.

Inspired from the work of Rineke Dijsktra, WILFRIED LANTOINE’s first campaign video has been directed by the talented duo CESAR LOVE ALEXANDRE.
This video is poetic item that appeals to the imagination more that to the reflection, an homage to the liberty of those bodies who claim their remaining carefreeness.