Choosing a CEO is serious stuff. It involves skills, responsibilities and above all knowledge. Therefore, Renzo Rosso sends a message to the people of the Internet: “Our CEO has left, leaving an empty space in our hearts, but most importantly an empty chair.”

As always, Diesel enjoys challenging the ordinary and the conformity that is flooding social networks, because again this time it’s not the usual job application that you find on LinkedIn, the position is actually of a Chair Executive Officer. This time neither an MBA degree nor financial skills will serve the purpose, “first of all, you have to be good at sitting“, says Diesel’s founder.


Starting from October 5th, the wannabe Chair Executive Officers will only have 4 days to
showcase their indisputable ability to sit in a way that is absolutely different from others
through a GIF or a video to be uploaded on the brand’s Facebook page.

The selected candidate will spend a week as the Chair Executive Officer, occupying the most
important chair in the company.

Sit Down and … Enjoy!