Incredible as it may sound, the fashion industry doesn’t stop even in summer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s June or July or whether most people are enjoying a well-deserved holiday. If it’s time to announce something, it’s done. And so it has happened with the Italian luxury fashion house Tod’s, which in the middle of July has confirmed the rumours that have been rumoured for some weeks now, related to the departure of its creative director Walter Chiapponi.

Photo by @antongottlob

Walter’s departure could be considered a significant setback for the brand, given that the designer, from the moment he took the reins of the design department, was personally in charge of repositioning the company. Tod’s President and CEO Diego Della Valle has expressed his immense gratitude to the Italian for his work in the following words: “We thank Walter for the journey we have walked together, for his creativity, and for the commitment we have shared together. Like Walter, we too will remember this experience in the best possible way. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people in the style office who work with great skill and commitment to the brand and company, enabling us to obtain excellent results.”

Chiapponi for his part, on his time at the said: “Dedication, love, and energy. This is how I would like to thank and greet Tod’s, starting from a truly special style team, that supported my vision for four years and that contributed to this beautiful journey with delicacy, attention, passion, and trust.” And he continued: “An extraordinary experience, both personally and creatively, made of courage and temper, evolution and support, especially in the most delicate moments in life. Most of all, I thank Diego and [his brother and vice chairman] Andrea Della Valle who believed in me. Thank you for the courage, humanity, and freedom you have given me to express the best version of myself through Tod’s in these years.”

Who will be the next creative director of Tod’s? We will soon find out, as stated in the press release sent out. In the meantime, it’s time to set our sights on the next edition of Milan Fashion Week, which will take place in September and will be where the designer’s latest proposal for the fashion house will be unveiled.