GusGus has been on the scene for a quarter of a century, they are one of the most beloved and longstanding electronic acts hailing from Iceland. The expert architects of transcending through an intersection of genres, continue to peel the layers off the release of their forthcoming studio album Mobile Home and just dropped their video a new single titled “Stay The Ride” directed by Arni & Kinski.

The video features a creative collaboration with Palomo Spain creating the clothes. Additionally, the clip introduces a new member, Margrét Rán of Icelandic indie-pop band VÖK.

Delivering another deliciously unique taste of what Mobile Home has in store, “Stay The Ride” slows down the tempo and intimately invites the listener to embark on an explorative journey through a world wherein machines have taken over. Distractive screens. Artificial Intelligence has ruled supreme. A world wherein science fiction is no longer fiction, but rather fits snuggly within the scope of reality. Opening with Rán’s signature monochromatic vocals, “Stay The Ride” cascades into a minimalist synth-kissed anthem that sets the stage for the 9-track endeavor anxiously waiting ahead. The track widens GusGus’s ever-expanding encyclopedia of beautifully layered soundscapes with mesmerizing melodies and bold, unashamed synth hooks. Don’t be shy, get on board, and follow the enigmatic trio as they reveal what they have in store for the New Year. 

While we hold out for the new album, we caught up with the band to discuss their collaboration with Palomo Spain.

What drew you to the work of Palomo Spain?

Biggi Veira:  Our manager has been a fan of his for many years.  When he spotted Palomo at the “Alan Turing LGBTIQ Awards” in 2018, where GusGus was performing, we set out a plan to trap him into a talk and mingle.  He was wearing one of his nice shirts, so the pickup line was easy… “nice shirt, where did you get it?” He just smiled and then we introduced ourselves.  He kind of described my outfit as this “male in female clothing” style that I flash as my default as a Q person.  He said, “I work with this concept”.  I already knew that but said, “Interesting”.  Anyway, later in the conversation, he told us he was a fan so we suggested that perhaps we should work on the band look together for our next album.  So here we are…

Daníel Ágúst: I jump and run around a lot during our shows and I need my clothes to be flexible and light AND beautiful. He ticks all the boxes.  Wearing Palomo clothes is liberating mentally and physically because they make you feel special. Palomo clothes are inspiring, innovative, and timeless.

Do you feel this collaboration was an extension of your own sound?

 Biggi Veira:  Not really or perhaps. It is very much an extension of the overall concept of the new album, the stories embedded in the lyrics and the atmosphere that emits from the overall feel.  So as the plan was originally to do few photoshoots and design stage clothes, it changed after the first photoshoot and we are using the figures designed by his selection as the characters in our music videos.

Daníel Ágúst: Palomo creates outstanding pieces of clothing and it’s easy to imagine them in a profound conversation with our music. 

What role does style play for you?

Biggi Veira: For me as some Q modification of a T person, style is very important.  Being a fully male body, close to 50 years old, picking something from the woman’s wardrobe selections is tricky.  But I think I have few solutions to a look that is not ridiculous.  Some say it is a bit too grandma-like, but on my body, it is a nice male/female mixture that makes sense.

Daníel Ágúst: The things we wear are a representation of the individuals we are. Style means a great deal to us as it gives an idea of what’s inside

Photography by Vidar Logi