VICTOR BARRIA unveiled its Fall/Winter 2022 collection titled “Glauchos“.

This collection was born from the fusion of two diametrically opposed elements: the rigid masculinity of the South American cowboys – the gauchos – and the extravagance of the club kids and the generations that have followed them to this day. The gaucho, a mestizo by origin, is the perfect example of the fusion of European colonialism in indigenous lands, so much so that his wardrobe is a mixture of indigenous (Quechua) and European clothing. This ambiguity is the cornerstone of the collection. Thus, there are contrasting elements that are combined into one, such as the hybridisation of skirt and trousers in the «chiripas». The jewels of the Mapuche people (indigenous people of southern Chile) serve as inspiration and give shape to the dresses and accessories. Finally, the collection also aims to take a critical look at the toxic masculinity of «machos» in Latin America and to shake up the installed normativity.”

Photographer: Leonardo Dawson
Make-up artist: Athénaïs Sandberg
Styling assistant: Cristina Ramirez
Models: Gwendal Leffondre and Mattéo Aubert