Vasilis Loizides is a menswear designer seeking answers to what comes after traditional menswear by twisting modern notions of masculinity into a new reality that positions men as both villain and hostage. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection follows a Stockholm Syndrome series of events built on the premise that masculinity has captured itself.

The collection, and Vasilis’ design aesthetic in general, plays with masculinity by confronting themes of dominance, sexuality and gender identity. There are playful moments of criticism (exposed male cleavage in a dress or flouncy, pearl-embroidered chaps) and whimsical twists on restraint, like sleeves that cover the hands or a top that constricts the wearer from moving their arms altogether. Our goal is to create a brand that demonstrates our belief that masculinity includes a diverse range of gender, sexual, and racial identities.

Photographer: Zak Krevitt
Model: Fernando Cerezo