Valentino returned to Paris with Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s collection “Le Ciel” for Fall/Winter 2024/25 at the Monnie de Paris. The sky above can be of unparalleled blue and conveys a feeling of freedom. For the past century, we have also been taught that blue is for boys, that it is a masculine color. This is not a monochromatic collection, it explores the nuances that makeup life, like why has blue been associated with masculinity. The color is examined and reconfigured like that of the modern man.

Le Ciel is a collection that seeks the man of softness, fluidity, gentleness, and grace. Pierpaolo explores pure color as a tool of communication to convey different ideas, emancipated from expectations. Reflecting the changing man, you can just look at the front row from Ambassador Suga to Zayn and Darren Star; creative, hard-working, naturally curious, and oh-so-stylish while giving a new identity to the traditional masculine wardrobe. New ideas and considerations are included in various pieces; for example, soft tailoring creates a gentleman; gestures blend Haute Couture with sartorial tailoring; and embellishments and embroidery alter identities in addition to surfaces. Beyond the clothes, colorful structured oversized totes complimented the looks.

The appreciation of craft reflects humanity. Mythological characters are transformed into intarsia across clothing, telling tales of virtue and life, universal moralities, idealism, and enduring human values. The sculptural forms of Valentino Altorilievo’s “High Relief” method are utilized to open windows into clothing; they subvert and break a point of stereotypically male emphasis over the shoulders of coats. We are ready for chic sophistication to come this fall.

Check out the collection below: