Selfies have taken over the Internet. A self-portrait may be seen as an act of vanity, but like James Franco said is also cultivates a “visual culture, the selfie quickly and easily shows, not tells, how you’re feeling, where you are, what you’re doing”.

Selfies are tools of communication and the best status update. You can tell more with one selfie than with a few lines of text.

We can see all type of selfies… the Bed Selfie, the Bathroom Selfie, the Gym Selfie, the Duckface Selfie, the Shy Selfie, the Belfie.

Now Alcatel ONETOUCH is making a casting and you just need to upload your best selfie to the Alcatel Facebook page to become the image of the global campaign for the new Alcatel ONETOUCH.

Three lucky winners, with the most creative selfies in the five styles – naughty, wild, geek, dumb and kiddo (childish) – will be selected by a jury consisting of fashion blogger Bryanboy, Cool Hunting co-founder Evan Orensten, and Fake Leather founder Adriana Gastélum, after April 23rd to become the faces of the upcoming Alcatel ONETOUCH global advertising campaign.

But to have a chance to be selected you have to be creative and smart. Find the right lighting, try out some poses and most flattering angles, look for some funny props to make it interesting, and please, please avoid the horrible clichées of pouty-mouthed duck faces and Miley Cyrus tongues. Unless you are being ironic.

Enter Now!