Trussardi’s latest show was a bit of fashion reenactment of what supposedly goes on the life of Tomaso Trussardi (the youngest son of the company owner Nicola Trussardi). Dapper clothes for the rich men, and rich men who think of dogs as some kind of live trophy to be seen with. I disagree. Upon seeing some pictures of Tomaso and his girlfriend sauntering on the beach,wearing a H&M-bound v-neck white t-shirt paired with straight-guy bathing shorts, it became perplexingly unclear how Umit Benan’s draw his inspiration from this person. Yes, the show setting had an aristocratic nonchalance that was all too endearing, and the leather goods were beyond sufferable, yet I couldn’t find the refinement one would hope for an “enviable chic” collection that’s supposed to be inspired by an Italian demi-god. My two-cents worth of advise for Trussardi? Hire Floriane de Saint Pierre, then you can front.