Mirror” by Chiara Battistini, a short film created for the Tru Trussardi Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection, is a dialog between two bodies that escape the laws of gravity. This contemporary fairytale, which takes place in a dreamy, minimalist location, echoes the colors and textures of the collection.

The two protagonists dialog through movement within the walls of two different rooms barely suggested by a few props such as a bed, lamp, and a pair of shoes. The atmosphere is magical and surreal. Performers Ginevra Angeli and Riccardo Moro are the stars of this dark metaphysical-pop carillon.

Once again the young Milanese director develops the theme of the suspended body through a combination of video and dance, as she previously did in the music video “Mi scusi” for the international launch of the CD “Still Smiling” by Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld.

Gaia Trussardi, Creative Director of Trussardi Group, said, “Each collection is inspired by a vision that takes shape in the mind like a film clip: a solitary person in a setting that suits him or her, characterized by a mood that creates, together with his or her look, expression, and movements, a mood and identity. “Mirror” suggests intimate, creative individualism, a person who loves his home and roots but takes flight in an unconventional way only by having the courage to express his thoughts, also through physicality.”

I wanted to ironically play with the walls of a room and seek a language that allowed me to challenge the laws of gravity and a mood that highlighted the Tru Trussardi collection created by Gaia with its pop rock – fairytale vibe,” added Chiara Battistini.

The magic of the video is completed by the song “Mirror” by composer/producer Robot Koch.