Trashy Clothing’s SS23 collection–titled Desert Delights– explores eroticism, orientalism & awakenings. Inspired by Joseph Massad’s book ‘Desiring Arabs’, the collection highlights diverse sexual interpretations in the Arab world in contrast to colonial, orientalist, or fetishized views. Desert Delights references discussions of sex in erotica and bawdy, satirical belles-lettres & poetry during the Arab renaissance. With the introduction of the Abu Nuwas Inspection trousers, Bath-House skirt, and Shabab Al-Quds Jacket, SS23 explores & reclaims Arab sexuality. The label’s signature Arab pop culture references are included with odes to modern Arab sex symbols such as Massari, Haifa Wehbe, and Marwa.

Trashy Clothing also introduces an exclusive collaboration with Tom Of Finland, featuring five pieces that are inspired by Tom’s homoerotic art in an appreciation of the foundation’s dedication to protecting, preserving, documenting, and educating the public about erotic art and erotic artists.

Take a look at the collection below: