Trashy Clothing’s SS22 collection–titled Souvenirs Of Conquest: Visit To Colonize!– explores how banal cultural practices such as tourism can function as appendages of occupation. Inspired by Rebecca L. Stein’s essay, the collection highlights ways leisure and militarism have been intertwined. With the introduction of the Inspection Pocket trousers, Settler Sun Tan top, and the Stolen Souvenirs Skirt, SS22 shows how tourism could function as a political alibi that actively hides scenes of military violence; translating the landscape of war and its aftermath into an everyday lexicon.

Shot by Omar Braika
Creative Direction: Shukri Lawrence & Omar Braika
MUA: Dala Alhindi
Assistants: Aya Braika, Abdullah Abulkhair
Models: Saeed Omar, Petra Mubarak, Mohamed Abu Hijleh, Fouz Musse