EYIBRA, a multidisciplinary artist, is teaming up with Laboratorio de Arte Alameda to bring you “Transhumancia,” his first major solo show in Mexico, alongside his collective MUXX. The exhibition features four trippy installations that mix video, holograms, and sculptures.

Get ready for an interactive experience that will mess with your mind! “Transhumancia” looks at life as a wild trip that connects us all the way back to our most ancient ancestors. We’re talking way before humans, like way back to when we were just blobs. The exhibition explores ideas about gender and sexuality through the lens of nature.

The title itself, “Transhumancia” (lat. trans, from the other part, and humus, land), basically reminds us that we all come from the same dirt and that’s where we’re all going back to someday.



EYIBRA isn’t done there. From July 20th to 27th, he’ll be presenting the premiere of “DADDY,” a four-hour performance piece that tackles the whole mess of war and how capitalism exploits people.

EYIBRA, who is Ukrainian-American and lives in Mexico, is drawing on current events and his own background for this performance. He’s seen both the “privilege of having a US passport and the horrible things the US has done around the world”. “DADDY” is his way of calling out all the big countries that bully and endanger weaker ones.


The performance is like a living picture of these issues, and it’s based on real stuff that happens in the US military. EYIBRA plays a strong but lost character who’s forced to fight for capitalism. Things get flipped around as the performance goes on, and EYIBRA ends up being bossed around and threatened by the very people most screwed over by the US government. There’s an intense scene with AK-47s and loud Latincore and techno music to drive the whole control and exploitation thing home.

“Transhumancia” Schedule
June 19th: Opening
July 20th-27th: Premiere of EYIBRA’s “DADDY”
September 25th: Closing of the exhibition and a new performance piece called “CRUXIS” by EYIBRA and Oldo Erréve