As soon as this joyful period of the year approaches – and be grateful you’ve come this far!-, we realise that, like animals licking their wounds, we must deal with the hardest task of all: To Mend Our Broken Ass – yes, because against all positive expectations, we generally end up with a broken ass and no happy ending!

It seems that this year things went well only for Donald Trump, Britney Spears – just because Sam Asghari rummages about her panties! What a lucky girl!– and Lapo Elkann who miraculously escaped his home-made kidnapping! What a lucky boy! For the other human beings on earth, the shit hit the fan! This was also the year in which the fashion system has plodded much along the way trying to redefine itself by experimenting the new tricks of the trade – See: see-now-buy-now, unification, executive overthrows, creative surrogates & other rampant inanities-. My idealism and optimism – you know that quality that makes you see the glass half full? – have worked in fits and starts this year due to this anomalous turn of events. But, despite our annual amount of frustrations, there have been some interesting goings-on that made our 2016 tolerable.



5 – Demna Gvasalia’s first Balenciaga menswear show

We all know that Big Gva is black belt of ‘oversize’ but when a jacket is as wide as a double-door wardrobe, that’s something more than oversize, that’s bulky. The first DemnaforBalenciaga menswear was a pleasant kick in the teeth that has been able to trigger reactions in a moment of collective slumber!

Balenciaga SS17



4 –The wolfman back en vogue

No alarmism! There isn’t any new species of werewolves sowing panic in town. Toy boys & Co have their charm – you know by heart if you’re a cougar or a daddy-loves-twinks! – but it seems that the joys of testosterone must be shown! First of all the body hair that took center stage this year as never before.


Matt Lister by Greg Endries


3 – 2 Giants for 2 Giants

What public expenditure can’t reach, private capitals can! Thanks to two fashion forces like Fendi and Tod’s, a pair of the most majestic Roman landmarks, the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, have been restored. Well, the great beauties too, need some nip and tuck, but only for the sake of the next generations!




2 – The release of the Gucci ss17 ad

I’ve been living in Rome for years and I must say that I’ve never seen any lion strolling downtown or a giraffe picnicking in the Parco degli Acquedotti and people – except for some idiotic tourists and Anita Ekberg- taking a bath inside the Trevi Fountain. Alessandro Michele has revolutionised fashion and the release of the ss17 ad was the umpteenth confirmation. There wasn’t any other commercial this year that can hold a candle to Gucci’s.

Gucci SS17 Campaign


1 – Fucking Young! Livestreaming cover shooting

That wasn’t a drill! Remember: Fucking Young! always plans the best entertainment for its readership. The livestreaming of our Pangea’s cover shooting by Mariano Vivanco was a smart move and a gift to you all!

Fucking Young! FW16 Cover