The London-raised fashion brand (settled in Spain in 2022) presented its fourth annual collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

This new annual collection is the first that Tíscar Espadas designs entirely in Madrid, where the Andalusian designer’s studio is currently located, after being born in London in 2019 and growing up for three years in the British capital.

The CAPÍTULO IV, ACT I collection was created with the awareness of transit, seeking to become a connecting link, a nexus between otherwise distant elements… and asking the recipient the question “What/Who do you want to be?” It proposes the possibility of building/investing in one’s own character.

All of the garments that belong to CAPÍTULO IV are handmade from natural fabrics -English waxed cotton, German hemp, and Japanese wool and denim- under the same formal concept as done before. CAPÍTULO IV includes loose, extra-long shirts with straps that, when tied at the back, allow the piece to be worn very tightly, as well as long trousers whose drawstrings let the piece become a pair of shorts – the same goes for various shirt versions. Other trousers come with several removable layers, while some jackets have sleeves that can be unbuttoned or removed completely, in addition to a selection of coats that not only protect: “What I want with my clothes is that everyone can build the character they want or feel like, depending on their mood or the weather conditions”, explains Espadas.

Take a look at the collection below: